AgCK offers multi-sectoral, multi-institutional and multi–level structure for consultation & feedback, strategic relationships, supportive sectors inclusion, multi-dimensional orientation and entire value chain development approach towards realization of One-stop-shop for institutional representation in various consultations; Successful entire value chain approach to agricultural development; Collective action by stakeholders in agriculture under one umbrella; Consultations at devolved level and inter-county relationships; Presentation of agricultural issues to highest level of authority; and Distigmatization of agriculture.

To realize the Council’s objective, the operations are focused on 3 core functions: Multi-Actors Platforms (MAPs), Lobby and Advoccay and Data/Information Management delivered through the an elaborate approach.

Multi-Actors Platforms

The Council believes that the NSAs coordination is the best tool towards realization of agricultural transformation and growth. As such, the Council establish and nurture MAPs at all levels of governance where stakeholders interact, consult, learn, share and generate knowledge, network and promote functional beneficial synergies.

Lobby and advocacy

AgCK is committed towards realization of inclusive policy dialogue process  for an enabling agricultural environment. This is realized through efforts towards intervening towards moderation of agriculture sector environments, interrogating sector approaches, functions & process for effectiveness & efficiency and influencing domestication, implementation and monitoring implementation progress of development orientations including CAADP.

Information and data management

Support efforts towards realization of evidence based policies through research and data/information verification for validity and reliability.